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How do you consume media? - It sounds like a silly question, but I think it’s very much worth thinking about it. After all, we spend a considerable amount of time doing it. It might be to research something specific, to learn something new, or simply to entertain ourselves. The internet provides a rich resource of information, but it’s probably also the most distracting source.

We might start the browser to check some specific information, but as we go, we find another article on the side that catches our attention. It sounds too interesting to dismiss! The article might link to an exciting video on youtube. Of course, we want to see it, and it only takes 2 minutes after all! But once you are on youtube, you probably all know how easy it is to get in an open-loop. Our initial search to look up information on having a pet might eventually end with kitten videos on youtube (and they can go even much further..). Yes, they are cute, but is it helpful to decide at this moment?

I know this example is very contrived and ridiculous, but surely most of us regularly get into these open loops.

And for me, this situation was also tricky. On the one hand, I didn’t want to dismiss interesting articles, but I also felt conscience-stricken about getting distracted by content that is not relevant at this moment. Of course, there are easy ways around this. Some use bookmarks, and others like to keep 50+ tabs open in their browser (I was astounded when I saw this!). But I believe that save-for-later apps provide several benefits over classical bookmarks (and the tabs option, of course).

🔗The benefits of Check-Later apps



I find this system very helpful to be more aware and selective about what I consume, and I enjoy the distraction-free reading experience with the ability to attach my thoughts to it. Previously, I had a hard time locating once read articles, so I find the full-text search very powerful. While the free app versions are limited to light usage, I feel that the provided value is very much worth the few Euros per month. But as always, the best way to find out if it is for you is by trying out yourself. I’d be happy to hear about your experience!

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