Adrian Stobbe

Aspiring software craftsman and entrepreneur, linguaphile and salsero 🕺. See here what I'm doing now or my longer intro here. Putting myself out here to connect with new, curious people. Reachouts are welcome 👋

My review of 2022

It’s 2023 - happy new year, everyone! Before heading the focus to what’s to come, I’d like to look back on what 2022 held in store and share it with you. I set plenty of goals for 2022 and already knew that it would be a lot. My ambitious me wanted to keep the bar high, and so it comes to no surprise that not all of them were reached. But even though the metric wasn’t reached, I want to focus on the gain rather than the gap.

The journey of getting a drivers license in Berlin / Spain

🇩🇪 This is a DeepL translation from the German original so please apologize the English :) This year I finally got the driver’s license in Germany! However, it was not an easy way and I would like to share my experiences and tips to save you nerves, time and money! The Spanish odyssey to the driving education When I turned 17, I made a conscious decision, against the advice of all bystanders, not to get my driver’s license during school like (almost) everyone else.

Migrating to Hashnode

Hey there, I decided to post my technical posts on Hashnode from now on. I like the platform idea and want to share my articles within a bigger tech community. You will find these posts on blog.adrianstobbe.com. In the future, you will find only all non-tech and personal articles on my personal blog. Most importantly, the migration of my tech articles to a seperate blog let’s me better target the interests of my readers.

My Life Philosophy

The ancient greek and roman thinkers already knew it - the value of living guided by a practical philosophy. Back then the predominant schools were Stoicisim, Epicureaunism and Cynicism. Around the same time, we are talking about 500 BC, Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism developed in Asia. With the rise of the world religions their popularity declined, but they have remained till today and so has the foundational value of having life principles.

Semi Annual Review 2022

How did the first half go? 2022 is maybe the most exciting year so far. I spent January still on my Erasmus semester in Barcelona. I had exams this month, but I still made time to explore new things. I had my first deprivation tank experience, tried light therapy glasses and went to a magic show by Luis Pardo. I challenged myself to talk to a stranger every day: and found out that most people actually enjoy small talk.

Challenging the shortsighted me

Resisting impulses is hard. We all have such impulses: like mindlessly scrolling social media in the morning, eating junk food, or too many coffee-breaks at work. They can be manifold, but they are so enticing in the moment, because they temptate us with immediate pleasure or stress release. It’s when our primitive, short-term thinking mind tries to get control. In the book “Thinking Fast and Slow”, Daniel Kahneman describes two modes of thinking: