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Aspiring software craftsman and entrepreneur, linguaphile and salsero 🕺. See here what I'm doing now or my longer intro here. Putting myself out here to connect with new, curious people. Reachouts are welcome 👋

Best of Podcasts 2020

9300 minutes - According to Spotify, I spent this much time listening to podcasts last year. It was the first year where I started to prefer it consistently over listening to music. In the beginning, it was mainly for practicing Chinese (Speak Chinese Naturally, GuShiFM, DaPeng Speak Chinese), and they helped me a lot! I still remember how I occasionally trapped myself evading from them because it was demanding, and the stories were not always very exciting. Now, this has gone away and I even listen to doze off.

But it was only until the second half of the year when I found them as a source of inspiration and realized how much I enjoy listening to philosophical and deeply personal conversations. I first shared the episodes of Derek Sivers and Naval Ravikant with my mentor. He was also excited by them and I really like how we now sometimes cite the episodes to explain our ideas or make a point. I would love to have more of this, so feel free to reach out if any of this also speaks to you :)

Content collection - The power of Check-Later apps

How do you consume media? - It sounds like a silly question, but I think it’s very much worth thinking about it. After all, we spend a considerable amount of time doing it. It might be to research something specific, to learn something new, or simply to entertain ourselves. The internet provides a rich resource of information, but it’s probably also the most distracting source.

Notion - A powerful documenting tool for Notes, Projects, Wiki...

Today, I feel excited to share the tool that has most influenced my exploration of a more organized me. Many people see it as an alternative to Evernote, but for me, it felt much more powerful than a note-taking app. I immediately fell in love with its simplistic markdown approach, which easily yields attractive pages. I always had difficulties keeping notes that I would like to check again, which discouraged me from using them extensively. Notion completely changed my attitude toward note-taking and writing because it made it fun - Yes, it indirectly made me write this blog!

The Second Brain - My life-changing companion

This is the beginning of a bigger series on which I want to introduce some ideas about my new life companion. For me, this concept was pivotal in how I want to live. It helped me become clearer on what I want and focus on my priorities. I use it to offload information to have more capacities for being present-focused. Finally, I became fully digital.

I struggled quite a bit on finding a proper word because it touches so many aspects. It is related to productivity, self-improvement, and knowledge management. In the end, I think that the term second brain, made famous by Tiago Forte, is maybe a good superordinate for what it tries to achieve. In fact, I was hugely inspired by him and adopted a lot of his ideas. He describes the second-brain as a knowledge management system. Once I got into this area, I discovered a lot of other content related to productivity and self-improvement. I took what seems useful to me, and I am still exploring.

Design Patterns: How to write better code

Learning to write proper code is hard. Who doesn’t know it, after having an initial spark on how to solve a problem, it is tentative to immediately start coding.

I guess most of us did so initially and almost always ended up on dead-end roads. Taking the time to think a design through before writing the first line is indispensable for larger projects but even makes things easier for smaller undertakings.

Hello World

Congratulations on being one of the first visitors to this new blog. If any topic speaks to you, I’d be happy to get in touch and hear about your thoughts and suggestions! I’ve planned to post stuff concerning the following topics: Programming Learning Chinese Productivity Stay tuned! Quick intro I’m Adrian, currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Computational Science & Engineering at TU Munich. Besides my newly discovered passion for programming, I’ve been an enthusiastic language learner since my early teenage-times.