Adrian Stobbe

Aspiring software craftsman and entrepreneur, linguaphile and salsero 🕺. See here what I'm doing now or my longer intro here. Putting myself out here to connect with new, curious people. Reachouts are welcome 👋

Fixing CSV parsing - First attribute not regonized (BOM)

Today, I wanted to read a CSV file from Notion and stumbled on the issue that my first attribute was not properly read. I validated my code on a another file before, but on this file it just didn’t work. Turns out that I had the same issue with another npm library. What bothered me was that when printing the object, I could see the attribute, but it had single quotes around it and was printed in green.

Mental Models - How they contribute to a happy life

Mental models are how we see and interpret the world. In reality, nothing has meaning, the world is just full of events obeying the laws of the universe. These laws constrain how we live: time is finite and irreversible, gravity puts us on the ground, physical needs ensure survial, etc. But beyond that everything is really up to our minds. We are all born within this frame, but over time we all have different experiences.

CKAD preparation - Tips for the Kubernetes exam

Recently, I took the Certified Kubernetes Application Developer exam and would like to share some tips for the preparation. Be aware that at the end of September, an updated 2021 version will be released, so contents will change a bit. Nevertheless, the exam contains 20 questions that need to be completed in 2 hours. So its crucial to be quick and comfortable with the kubectl CLI and formatting yaml files. But first things first:

Smart file organization - How PARA works for me after 8 months

More than half a year ago, I started building my second brain - an intent to store information digitally to offload it from your brain. Organization and structure are crucial for this system to work, even more than content collection. I can tell from past experience of dead archives that I had long forgotten about their existence. But even worse, file corpses can make it harder to find what we want.

VIM - Why geeks love it and you will too

VIM is more than just a text editor for geeks and the cool kids! If you aren’t convinced or haven’t heard about it - stick with me to see how it’s magic might also improve your typing experience. Also, VIM is absolutely worth learning if you don’t intend to use the terminal program! Because of its vibrant community, VIM features are also supported in popular IDEs like Visual Studio Code (the best of both worlds imho) or even your Browser.

Guest-article SpeedupBuddy - Questions I wish I had asked years before

Photo by Pixels Since last summer, I am part of a Mentoring program called SpeedupBuddy, targeted towards students from non-academic families. I’m very happy to have found a mentor with a very good match and he has been accompanying me on an interesting journey about finding out more about myself since then. In the short article, I want to share my experience and some personal revelations I had since then.